Sep 08

Parent involvement with children’s education

Now that your children are in school, parent involvement is very critical for child development. Studies have proven the more active parents are with their child’s educational development, the more likely they will have better behavior, achieve better in academics and go farther in their education.

As a parent you have a busy schedule, working 40+ hours a week, driving your kids to and from soccer practice and preparing home cooked meals every night, by the time you get home all you want to do is put your feet up and relax. But then when will your child receive the extra attention they need in their studies? Even though you send them off to school everyday, they still need parents’ active involvement at home. When your child comes to you for advice or support on their education, this shows critical messages to your child, demonstrating their interest and reinforcing the idea that school is important. As a parent, you can be involved in your child’s education through several different activities.

Parent Information Center offers a variety of parent-child involvement websites where you will can read books, research articles, play games and find other activities you and your family can participate in together. To view those websites click here or check out PIC’s website for more information!

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