Oct 18

PIC – Learning difficulties

Learning difficulties can be a struggle for children, but can take a strain on parents too. Understanding how to help your child with LD and knowing what extra activities you can do to enhance their education can be troubling. That’s why PIC (Parent Information Center of Grand Forks, ND), highly recommends the Great Schools website.

The Great Schools website has several activities, support groups and development strategies for parents to follow. Parents can find several activities for LD children, those with autism and other intellectual disorders. The support groups offered online by Great Schools provide survival strategies for parents with children who have AD/HD,  autism and other learning disabilities, along with financial issues that parents might encounter. Find a support group that works for you by browsing several other support groups from the Great Schools website here.

Besides the great support groups, Great Schools offers helpful resources for Parent Dilemma’s (bullying, stress management, etc.), Homework Help for children and receive the Hot Topics going on to improve your son or daughters school and ways you can start fundraisers and join volunteer groups.

For more information on Great Schools or if you have questions on parenting a child with LD, stop by our office located at Lewis & Clark Elementary School, 1100 13th Ave. S. Rm. 1, Grand Forks, ND, 58201. Or send us an email: pic@gfschools.org

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