Oct 26

Keeping Your Children Safe this Time of Year

The costume is picked out, the hair is sprayed black and the broom is dusted off. It’s time to head out and collect those treats! If your child is at that age where they want to go Trick or Treating with just their friends (no mom or dads aloud), then its time to lay down the rules for their own safety.

When the eyes of a Jack-o-Lantern are glowing and the sound of owls are hooting, that is the best time for young teens to be out with their friends collecting treats, however this can lead a parent to worry. Tricks are going to be played and masks are going to be worn so you may want to do a little investigation as to who or where your little witch may fly off to that night.

If you haven’t already, create a phone tree. This is a list of all your childs’ friends and parents names, along with their home address and of course both the parents and friends’ phone numbers. If your child is staying at one haunted house that night, make sure you have a set pickup or curfew time. If the little ‘trick or treater’ is going door to door all night, make sure they inform you (text or call) when they change neighborhoods. Just a quick text saying the street names and that they are safe is good enough. This will keep you at ease until the next update comes through 🙂

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