Nov 05

Setting Limits with Your Children

Every child needs rules and guidelines set by their guardian. But how does a guardian enforce these rules and still maintain a healthy, loving relationship?

Set your rules by enforcing good outcomes. When your child behaves good, reward them by showing how you appreciate their behavior. This can be done with praise and love, buying gifts can lead to your child expecting something every time they do good, or only do good for a gift. When you reward your child, the attention is just as good as a gift. When your child behaves bad, remind them of what is acceptable behavior and what is not. The reason they are being punished is not to be a mean parent, but to set those rules and guidelines for them to follow. The punishment can be something small, such as taking away television time for the day.

Sit down with your significant other and go over these rules and guidelines so you are on the same path. Remember to stay strong and really enforce these to set those limits between you and your child.

For more information on parenting check out Parent Information Center website here.

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parental power to influence, regulate, and modify child behavior. Limits are standards, rules, and expectations that are defined for children in the family, and the kind of discipline strategies chosen when consequences for choices, good or bad, are administer

As a parent, don’t wait until your child faces the bad, instead, walk, talk and act the way the good just like you would want from your child. This will lead to a healthy relationship between the parent-child.





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