Dec 02

Co-parenting Holiday Tips

Times can be challenging for children who split the holidays between mom and dads. Maintaining a peaceful and still enjoyable atmosphere can be difficult, but that is what your children need at this time of year. Being without one parent on a regular day is difficult enough, but when Holiday’s are split, that can be more challenging.

As a parent, try to understand what your children are feeling at this time of year. Do they seem to be happy around you, but struggling with their school work? Are they hiding their feelings, talking in one word responses? Their behavior can be a reflection on the upcoming holidays and having to split time between mom and dad’s place.

Try to help them through this season. Question how they feel each day and if they are old enough, answer questions about your divorce to make them understand the situation a little better. Getting a better understanding of where your child resides with their feelings towards you and your ex will strengthen your relationship and keep them at ease through the season.

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