Jan 02

New Year, New You?

As parents, it’s always important to really think about the ways we “parent”. While a right or wrong answer rarely exists, we can always improve in the ways we interact with, take care of, and teach our children. For example, we can always improve our patience!

Starting a new year gives us the ability to wipe the slate clean and set new goals for the future. Don’t push this off. Make new goals now! How would you like to change as a parent this year? Maybe this year you’d like to make more time for your kids and spend less time on your phone or the computer. Maybe this year you’d like to spend more time reading to your kids and helping them with their homework or coaching one of their sports teams or being more active in their extracurricular activities. Maybe you’d like to cook more at home and thus have more “family dinners” or it’s your goal to feed your children healthier food even when you’re in a rush. Whatever the case may be, make 2012 a year where you consciously act on the things you’d like to change within your family structure. It’s never too late to make changes!

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