Jan 29

Communication between Teenage Parents and the Grandparents

Are you a teenage parent raising your child with your parents? Raising a child as a teenager can be a struggle, even if you have the help of your parents. The communication between each other must be upfront and understood from the beginning. Everyone has different parenting styles, therefore communicating to each other what those styles are and your reasons for doing so, will help when raising the child together.

As a young grandparent or a young parent there is a lot of work and commitment required when raising a child. The communication between the grandparents and the parent must be strong and show commitment to each other. If you are the teenage parent, now is the time to listen to your parents. You might not agree with everything they have to say or their methods of doing, but their intentions are best and they have gone through this before. Take a moment and listen to their suggestions on how to calm your baby, how to hold your baby, where and when to feed your baby and so on. If you have disagreements, tell your parents. But do so in a nice manor.

Create a chart of how the parent wants to raise her child and how the grandparents want to raise the child.

Here is an example of how a chart should look like:

Parent Grandparent
Feeding 2-3 hours Sweets when I say so
Sleeping Whenever he gets tired Every 2-3 hours
Obedience Send him to time out Inform why he is being punished and his consequences from those actions
Television As much as he wants 2 shows/day
Education Private School Public School



Decide which methods are best and explain to each other why you believe a certain method is better than the other. Saying, “Because I want to do it this way”, just won’t cut it. There must be a reason behind every action.  When you have a better understanding of those reasons on how you want to raise your child or grandchild, the relationships within the family will be stronger and understood.


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