Feb 16

How to Buy a Book Your Child Will Read

As you enter the bookstore, you quickly pass your favorite novels, skip over the magazine rack and head straight to the aisle where Goodnight Moon and Green Eggs and Ham are waiting for you to pull off the shelf. When you were a child you read these books and know they are classics. But why would your children want to read them too? Allow your children the opportunity to explore the aisles, looking at the different colors of books, glancing at the titles that interest them you can even read a brief overview of the book to see if this book is going to be good (for you and your child). These will help them choose books that will interest them to take home and read.








Now that they’ve chosen their books and placed them on the bookshelf at home. Make sure to spend 20 minutes a day reading their favorite titles. Researchers have proven the 20 minutes a day will enhance children’s knowledge all around.

Read the books over and over, the repetition increases children’s interest in books and will familiarize them with the story line. Soon, they will be reading the book back to you and making up their own stories! This can be a fun night for the family!

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