Mar 26

How to Keep Your Child Focused When Summer is Around the Corner

Spring is here and the weather can not get any nicer! What could get nicer is having your child more interested in their studies and less interested in wanting to only play, with no studies involved.  So take advantage of the weather and satisfy your child by learning in an outdoor environment.









With the sun shinning, shorts on and a backpack full of snacks, take a nature walk with your children.  This can be a fun and educational time with you and your child. Here are a few ideas and games to play along your walk.

-Scavenger Hunt

Make a list of different items your child will need to find along the way. These can be as simple or as difficult of items as the age permits.

For example, find a leaf, find a brown leaf, find a brown leaf under a green tree, etc. Other items include: Find 5 rocks, who can spots the first yellow bird,  and so on.

-Introduce yourself to someone new at the park

This activity will encourage your child to meet new people, be open and friendly to others and allow their  independence to shine on the park.

-Counting by Two’s

This activity challenges your children the mental mathmatical mindset. Start off with the number 1 and go up to 10. First find something that is solo, 1 dog, then something in a pair, 2 ducks in the pond, 3 kids on the the 3 swings, and so on. This can be a challenge to find 10 of something…Good Luck!

-Enjoy the moment

As you and your children are out for your walk, enjoy their stories, listen to their conversation. They are more willing to open up and talk more if you are engaging in the conversation.

Have fun with this activity! Post on our FACEBOOK page to let us know how this activity went!


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