May 03

Exercising is a Fun Excuse for your Children to Stay Healthy

As the saying goes, “The best things in life are Free”, exercising is one of those healthy freebies you can’t pass up for your children. As summer is approaching, your children are aching to run outside in the summer breeze . Exercising does more for your children than give them a reason to run loose, it also allows them to ¬†stay fit and live a healthy lifestyle.








Children need exercise to stay healthy and should want to exercise because:

  • It makes them feel fit, strong and healthy.
  • Their brain releases ‘endorphins’, chemicals which make you feel good.
  • This will relax them at the end of the
  • Keeps their mind off of “stressful” things.
  • They can have fun with others, very entertaining.
  • Keeps child obesity down.
  • Their muscles will get stronger.
  • They will have more energy to do things (homework, chores, etc.)

There are a variety of activities children can do to exercise. They can run relays with their friends, play flag football at the park, go for a hike, ride bikes as a family and so much more. Exercising is FUN and shouldn’t be a chore for children, so help them stay healthy the fun way!

For more information on staying healthy contact Parent Information Center or comment on our FACEBOOK page!

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