May 15

Online Spelling Activities to do Over the Summer

Spelling words can be a challenge for children, especially if they are out of their weekly spelling test routine. Over the summer months, try a few of these fun spelling activities from Vocabulary Spelling City.











Vocabulary Spelling City is an educational game website that helps you learn vocabulary and spelling through 25 interactive learning games and activities. This interactive site will allow your child to explore different challenges when it comes to spelling words. This site offers Spelling Tests, Definitions, Word Sentences, Flash Cards and more!

Try the Speedy Speller, which allows you to race against a timed clock along with other students to be the fastest “correct” speller out of the entire list of words. This is a great activity for your child to practice studying their words, while having fun at the same time.

Another great activity from Spelling City is the program Parts of Speech. The English grammar in this program enables children to sound out words.    Learning the different parts of speech and sentences. The object of the Parts of Speech game is to identify the part of speech of the given word as it is used in each sentence. This is a great activity to practice distinguishing between nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs and other parts of speech.

Get started now! CLICK HERE to begin!

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