Jun 13

5 Rainy day activities to try with your kids!

Sometimes waking up to a rainy day can seem like it will dampen your day, but it doesn’t have to. Here are some rainy day activities to try with your young kids.

1. Read the story, The Little Engine That Could. (If you don’t have a copy, most likely the public library would or borrow from a friend.) Talk about how the little engine thought he could make it up the hill even though it was going to be hard.  Ask your child if they’d like to play the “I think I can game.” Come up with a list of things for your child to try. For example, “I think I can run to the end of the hallway and back in ten seconds, I think I can hop on one foot, I think I can trace my hand on a piece of paper, I think I can pick up all my toys, I think I can touch my toes etc..” Encourage your child and at end of each activity encourage them to say, “I know I can..I know I can!”

2. Grab some some white paper and washable markers. Have your child draw a colorful picture and you choose the topic or image to color. Next, place the  drawing outdoors where it’s raining for a few seconds (depending on how hard the drops are falling). Lastly, bring the picture inside and let it dry. The colors will blend together and make a unique picture.

3. Indoor Baseball can be fun activity with a balloon and an empty gift wrap roll. Take turns hitting, catching and running bases. (Remember to always supervise when young children are playing with balloons as they can be a choking hazard.)

4.Turn on some toddler music where everyone can sing and dance to their favorite music. For additional fun, play the good old fashion muscial chairs. For example if you have four kids you’ll place three chairs in a circle (backs of the chairs facing eachother and the seats facing the kids). As the music starts the children dance around the chairs while moving clockwise around the chairs. The adult in the room plays the music for a five to ten seconds and then suddenly stops the music. Each child trys to sit down in a chair. The person that doesn’t find a chair has to sit out. You then take away a chair and repeat until only 1 child can sit in the last chair. When the children get out you can have them take turns turning on and off the music.

5. Make your own chia pet!

You will need:

-2 tablespoons of grass sead/ or wheatgrass *

-1 nylon stocking foot

-1 cup potting soil

-1 plastic yogurt container

– water

– 1 set of googly eyes

-1 permanent marker

– double sided tape

– any sort of fabric for clothing.

*A good tip is to soak the seeds in a jar of water the night before. Take the seeds out the next day and place on the paper towel. This lets the seed germinate a bit and will make the growing process faster.

First, spoon the grass seed into the stocking foot. Make sure to tie a knot in the stocking and leave the rest hanging. Put water in the yogurt cup and then place the nylon on top of that (as shown in the picture above). Place the eyes accordingly and make the mouth, nose etc. Next, have your child decorate the yogurt container as their pet’s body, using their imagination. When the “hair” grows they can stick a bow in it or style it how they want.

Have fun with these activities!

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