Jun 28

Minute to Win it Games for Kids

Minute To Win It games are great ways to begin an event, engage a crowd of children, and see some excitement in your children.  All of the games are played with easily accessible household items, so they are easy to prepare and fun to play!

Remember: When you play the games, you want your child to feel successful and have fun.  If you think that the child is not going to make it within the time period, help them out.  Have little rewards like a piece of their favorite candy or a homemade ribbon after the games (whether they win or lose).  Have fun with it!  “You only have 60 seconds!”


Bucket Head: Catch three balls in a bucket on top of your head.

Defying Gravity: Keep two balloons in the air at the same time.

Breakfast Scramble: Assemble the front of a cereal box that has been cut into eight pieces. Fold the pieces in place and tape back together.

Dizzy Mummy: Unroll a small roll of toilet paper with 360 degrees spins of the arm.  (You might have to help start this.)

Tissue Toss:  Using both hands, empty a tissue box by tossing out all of the tissue’s.

Separation Anxiety: Separate a pile of 25 multicolored candies into five separate containers that are preassigned  to each colored candy.

Candelier:   Stack four layers of cans, the challenge…player must place paper plates in between each layer.

Tweeze Me: Players use tweezers to relocate five Tic Tacs from one bowl to another (use 3 bowls total).

NBC provides a list of Minute To Win It games on their website.  The following games are adaptations for children to play at home.  Each game listed here provides a challenge for kids, but should be within their own skill level.  You can adapt to your younger children as necessary.

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