Jul 14

Summer Party Pinatas!!

A Pinata is usually a made of paper mache or pottery and is filled with candy and toys. The pinata is then hung up and left dangling for the kids to break open with a bat or strong stick. Kids usually love when all the candy is falling out all over and rush to gather as much candy as they can! Some of these store bought pinatas can cost a lot of money. This homemade pinata is pretty easy to make and won’t cost a ton. Plus, it’s fun for the children to make and design their very own pinata!


Make sure you cover your work area as this will be a messy project!

Tear several newspaper or magazine strips into strips. Doesn’t really matter the the size or length, but keeping it about 1-inch wide and about 6 – 8 inches long with do. Then, set them aside.

You’ll then need a large bowl to make your paste. To start add about 3 cups flour to 4 cups water. Or simply just put some flour in a bowl and add water until you make a runny glue like paste. Add about 1 tablespoon salt  (this helps the pinata from molding) Glass bowls usually work well because they are easy to clean after.

Next, blow up a balloon and tie it closed. Now you are ready to start with the paper mache! (To hold your balloon while you are working on it, you might want to try to set it in a cup or bowl. This will hold it in place as your kids work on it.)

Dip the newspaper strips into the paste you made. Remove the extra glue on the newspaper piece by running it through your fingers. Then, spread the newspaper/magazine onto the balloon. You’ll want to completely cover the balloon so that no spots of the balloon are showing. Let the first layer dry.

Add two more layers of paper mache to your balloon and let each layer dry as you do it. You can place them outside in the sun. The best is probably letting the first layer dry over night and then finishing the next layers the following day, allowing each layer to dry completely before putting on the next layer. Once it is dry, pop the balloon with a needle sticking the needle through the paper mache. You’ll have to do the next part as well. Use a knife to cut an opening, for example a big square so that you can place the candy and toys in there. After you placed those in there, glue that opening shut (with a hot glue gun or even heavy tape should work.)

It’s now time to decorate the pinata!! Ask your child what they would like the pinata to look like..examples, their favorite animal or storybook character. Or you can have them paint it and design it themselves. Another great and inexpensive way to design your pinata is to use tissue paper. You can simply use glue and tissue paper all over the pinata. It looks really cool! Be creative and have fun!!

Next, you’ll want to place fishing line through the pinata. Poking two holes at the top of your design so it will hang correctly. Next, push through the fishing line or whatever string you’ve chosen into the other hole and tie a knot at the top.

Your pinata is now ready for your child’s party!!!

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