Aug 20

Dealing with Bullies

Bullying is a big problem that many kids are affected by. Bullies sometimes kick, punch or push other kids. They may also name call, threaten and tease. Bullying can make kids sick, depressed, not want to go to school, and not be able to concentrate on school work. Most bullies are trying to get attention, make other kids do something they don’t want to do, or think they may become popular if they bully other kids. Bullies may pick on kids that are involed with sports, acting or are smarter than them. Getting a reaction out of someone can make bullies feel like they have the power they want. Here are some tips to avoid bullies at school.

1. Avoid a run in with a bully. Try to take a different way to class or sit at different sides of the lunch room. Try and walk with a friend to school or to class. Two is better than one!

2. Sometimes acting brave is enough to keep the bully away. Stand up for yourself and don’t let that person make you feel any less than them.

3. If the bully says something pretend you don’t hear them. If they are persistant than stick up for yourself! Tell them to, STOP IT!  Bullies tend to bully kids that don’t stick up for themselves. If you can walk away from them.

4. Don’t bully back. Hitting and kicking back can get you into trouble as well and also is dangerous.

5. Tell an adult like a teacher, principal, parent, or lunchroom helper at school. They can help to stop the bullying.

No one needs to put up with bullying behavior or have that happen to them. Furthermore, if your child is being bothered by a bully, talk to someone in authority about it at their school. All kids have the right to feel safe. If nothing is done right away keep telling until something is done!

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