Oct 15

6 Fall Activities To Try

Fall is here which LEAVES lots of possibilities for things to do while those leaves are turning and falling off the trees. It’s such a beautiful time of year so why not enjoy being outside and bonding with your kids. Listed below are some more activities that you and your children can do together. Enjoy!

1.  Make a leaf maze. Have your children design their own passage with twists and turns. Maybe they even want to design a maze into the shape of a pumpkin. Another option with leaves that is always fun for kids is raking up a big pile, getting a running start and jumping into the pile!

2. Go for a nature walk and collect a bunch of different leaves. Take them home and make a fun leaf rub with them using crayons or colored pencils. (Place the leaf under some plain white paper, take a crayon and scribble over the leaf onto the paper, scribbling back and forth with a bit of pressure.)

3. If you enjoy sporting events like football or hockey, attend and support your local high schools or college. Look on their local website for a schedule of various events.

4. Have a pumpkin kinda-day! Look up your local pumpkin patch or even go to the grocery store let your kiddos pick out just the right one! Then, take the pumpkin home and let your child paint it. Furthermore, when it gets closer to Oct 31st, carve the pumpkins with your kids and of course being extremely careful while doing that! (If they are young, let them draw the face and you can carve it for them.)  Buy a special little battery operated candle to place inside the pumpking and light it up! The kids will love their work, and plus it looks cool! When you’re all done carving the pumpkin and need a tasty treat, clean the seads by placing them in a strainer and run water over them. Blot them dry with a paper towel and place them on wax paper on a baking sheet. Drizzle some canola oil on them along with some salt and bake the seads at 350 degrees for 15-20 min depending on how crisp you want them.

5. Bake some goodies with your child, then make some warm apple cider or hot cocoa and sit outside together! Spend time with your kids talking about whatever they want to talk about while drinking and eating a snack.

6. Bundle up and head to the park to fly some kites..either homemade or store bought, throw the football around or even play a classic game of tag.

Enjoy spending time together because that’s what matters most!

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