Oct 23

Rainy Day Activity: Pumpkin Pinatas

Looking for something to do on a rainy? How about making a pumpkin pinata? It’s perfect for this time of year and your little one will love making it! Here are the easy steps to making a pumkin pinata…

1. Blow up a balloon.

2. Put down some newspaper as this is might be a little messy!

3. Sit the balloon in a little bowl so it holds the balloon in place.

4. Next mix up some flour and water to make a slightly runny and glue paste. Put about a tablespoon of salt in the mixture to help so the pinata doesn’t mold.

5. Rip up pieces of newspaper or magazine into strips about 1 inch wide and about 5-6 inches long.

6. This is where it gets messy, but your kids will have a blast! Take the strips and place them into the mixture just so they become moist with the paste like mixture and squeeze off the excess paste.

7. Cover the entire balloon with the strips.

8. When the entire balloon is covered let it sit and dry, preferably over night.

9. Depending on how thick you want the pinata, you can add another 1-2 layers..letting each layer dry as you do it. If you have kids younger than 2, maybe just stick to 1 or 2 layers so they can actually hit the pinata open when it comes time. The more layers your child adds the harder it will be to break open.

10. After you’ve added your last layer, again let it dry out. Once it’s completely dry, take a needle or a sharp knife and poke through the newspaper. By doing this you are popping the balloon inside and making room for the candy!

11. Next, you’ll need to do this part as it’s too dangerous for the young ones. Take a knife and cut three sides of a square out, leaving a flap so you can glue or tape it back up after placing the candy inside. Do this on the upper backside of the pinata.

12. Pull the flap open and place the fun treats and surprises inside the pinata.

13. Poke two more holes on the top of your pinata across from eachother and place fishing line string or some kind of strong string through the holes. Make sure you know where you’re going to hang your pinata from. Possibly a tree outside or if your little ones are young you can even hold it for them. This will help know how long you need the string. Tie a knot at the very top

14. Next, either take a hot glue gun or some tape and close up the hole.

15. Time for decorating the pinata! Have your child put glue on the pinata and place orange tissue paper all over the pinata. Doesn’t matter how this is done, as long as the entire pinata is covered in orange!

16. Help your child cut out eyes, nose and a mouth. Let them paste those on however they’d like.

17. Make a stem out of construction paper and glue it on the top of your pumpkin.

18. Lastly, it’s time to break open the pinata! Give your child a hard stick or a bat and let them go!! Make sure you have a little baggie ready for all the candy that is going to fly out!

19. Enjoy a piece of candy together : )

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