Nov 26

Traveling with Toddlers

Sometimes traveling with a toddler can be a struggle. Toddlers have their moments of course when they are impatient and can’t sit still for very long. You can’t expect your little one to be a perfect traveler, but there are ways to help toddlers travel¬†with ease. Know what makes your toddler happy and prepare in advance before getting on the train, bus, plane or in a car. Here are some helpful tips..

Talk to your toddler ahead of time¬†about safety rules such as; buckling up so the driver can focus on the road, or staying seated when on a train or bus. Tell them about the different rules there are when riding in a train, bus or car and how they are different from home. Praise your child to help reinforce good behavior by saying things like, “It makes me happy when you sit nicely!”

Stick with a routine as much as you can. This may be difficult, but try and keep their meal and bedtimes the same. If you can try and travel later at night or early in the morning so they can sleep.

Let them release energy every couple of hours if you’re on a long roadtrip. Stop at family friendly restaurants, or stop areas with play areas (being careful of traffic of course.) If you’re on your way to the doctor’s office, arrive early and let them play a bit so they aren’t so jittery in the office.

Pack a travel bag and bring special items to be used only in the car. Examples of this include, cd’s tapes, books, a special toy or treat.

Purchase sunshades and cover windows to block the sunshine for your toddler. If traveling by bus or train, bring a hat. If they are seated by the sun this may help block some of the sun.

Bring drinks and snacks that won’t spill easily. Things like sippy cups, juice boxes, bagels, granola bars, crackers and fruit.

Keep a supply of emergency items with you. For example, wet wipes, diapers, extra clothing, band-aids, water, and in case of breakdown have a flashlight and extra blankets in the car.

During commuting time use this time to spend quality time talking with your toddler. If you can’t see them in the back, make a game out of what you see out the window.

Remember to breathe, relax and keep your cool!!

Good luck!

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