Dec 26

20 Ways to Light Up Your Community with Kindness!

Involve your whole family and start today! Pick an idea and try to perform one act of kindness per week. Stay as anonymous as possible so that all of this giving doesn’t become about building our own greatness, it’s about spreading joy to others!

1. Find someone that is homeless and deliver them a warm blanket.

2. Find a stressed out mom and dad and lighten their load. Examples include, but aren’t limited to: babysitting, washing and cleaning out their car, cleaning their house and making a meal for their family.

3. Stand outside your child’s classroom and give each child a single flower as they walk in. Then, as the children enter the classroom, have them hand the flower to their teacher. By the time class begins, he or she will have a vase full of flowers!

4. Take the Candy Cane Challenge! See how many candy canes your family can distribute in your community during the month of December. Each sweet treat must be accompanied by a genuine smile, a thoughtful note or audible kind wish from one child in your family.

5. Take a moment to serve those who serve for a living. Drop off gift cards or coffee for the leaders of your favorite local ministries.

6. Find a parking attendant in a cold garage and take them a hot cup of coffee and a fun puzzle book or magazine.

7. Try to find out when your child’s friend has a game or performance coming up. Surprise him or her by attending and bringing a poster or other fun ways to cheer them on.

8. Give the gift of rest. Watch the kids for your most sleep-deprived friend.

9. While you’re shopping for your family at a big retailer (during checkout chat time with the cashier), ask them if they are still shopping for their family or if they are finished. Surprise them big time by adding a fun gift card to the order, especially for them.

10. Set up a free hot cocoa stand and take donations for your favorite charity.

11. Think of someone you hesitate to thank or celebrate (especially a strained or hard relationship) and do it anyway.

12. Visit with elderly in a nursing home. Bring a candy cane, smiles and hugs.

13. If you are able, be an angel to one struggling family. Sneak a HUGE gift card into their mailbox. Give what you can.

14. Leave an encouraging note in a friend’s driveway using sidewalk chalk.

15. Hide sweet notes in Daddy’s brief case or his car or the other way around.

16. Hide encouraging and uplifting notes all over a playground with $1 bills for children to find.

17. Tape a big sign to the top of your trash can with a little treat for your garbage collector. Anything from candy to gift cards would be a great surprise for them! You can also try this with your postman/woman as well.

18. Pass out donuts to your neighbors as they leave for work in the morning.

19. Take a few minutes to hold the door for everyone that walks into a restaurant or office. Teach your kiddos what to say. You’ll get a reaction!

20. Give out coupons for free services you can perform for those you love. (Think free back scratch, hand massage, or porch sweep!)”

So many things can be done to help light up your community! Thanks to Lil Light O Mine  for all the wonderful ideas. These are just 20 of the 100 ways to light up your community. Visit the site to get more wonderful ways to help make the community a better place for everyone!

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Picture courtesy of CandyCane.Ws

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