Dec 28

Keep Your Children Active During Winter

Children always needsome form of exercise, as parents we might need to get creative in providing opportunities for our children to stay active during these cold winter months. Make sure to keep them active inside or bundle them up and let them play outside in the snow! Fresh air is wonderful for everyone, even if it’s just for fifteen minutes.

The following are some tips for winter fun for kids:

1. Something to bouce on is always fun for kids. You can buy a mini-trampoline and bounce houses or you can lay down an old mattress and let the bouncing fun begin.

2. Lay down a soft mat for your kids to do somersalts or friendly wrestling. You can also teach them some gymnastics or yoga.

3. Indoor forts are always fun and great for your children’s imaginations. Let them drag out all the pillows, blankets and couch cushions. Tolerate the mess and be glad your kids are constructively engaged.

4. Send your kids on a treasure hunt. Make up clues or place little pieces of candy around the house and let them to go find it. Once they collect the candy use it for another game (play tic tac toe with the pieces or play math games with all the little pieces).

5. Art projects are always fun for children. A few objects you can use: cotton balls, glue, glitter, construction paper, paints. Let their imagination go wild!

6. Make sock puppets and let your kids put on a show for you. Take out those old socks and markers, get the glue and cotton balls and get creative.

7. Bake cookies or a special treat. Have your children help get the flour, pour the sugar and measure the ingredients.

8. Have a tea party. Sit around their room and let them serve you with their tea and cookies 🙂

9. Read books under a blanket with a flastlight.

10. Have an indoor pajama and popcorn party. Rent their favorite movies and cuddle up by the fire in your pajama’s and bowl of popcorn.

11. Play make-believe and dress up. Let them put on mom and dads clothes, these are great for pictures!

12. Snowflake art..put those coffee filters to use and fold them into fouths. Cut small shapes from the folds and make beautiful flowers.

13. Set out a blanket on the floor and have an indoor picnic.

Even if it’s cold outside send your kids out for a little bit. If you bundle them up good and they are comfortable they will play! Outdoor play is always fun with a friend, so arrange for a playdate.

Let them build a snowman, throw snowballs at a target, paint snow with spray bottles (put a few drops of food coloring into some water), or build a fort. You can even take them skating at your local rink! They usually will rent out skates, make sure they wear a helmet!

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Picture courtesy of We Love You So.



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