Jan 05

Back in the Swing of Things

Hope you all enjoyed a lovely holiday break with family and friends! Getting back into the swing of things might be somewhat of a difficult transition after kids were staying up late, sleeping in and having so much fun. Now it’s back to school and all the things that go along with it, packing lunches, waking up early, setting out their clothes, homework etc.. Here are some tips for helping you have a smooth transition back to school.

1. Sit down with your kids  and talk about going back to school. They might have some concerns and not be too excited to return. Really listen to them and help calm their nerves. Some kids have a harder time than others. Show them all the breaks or fun things that are coming up. Sometimes looking forward to something makes it a bit easier. Have fun talking about the winter break you just had and all the fun things too that are to come!

2. You might be feeling a little sluggish too about all the early mornings etc.. being negative isn’t going to help this. Make a list of what needs to be done every morning to help you not forget anything and get you right back on track.

3. Try to avoid being negative, your kids will pick up on this. Having a good attitude will make a world of difference! Smile and start the day with a fresh, new and bright attitude!

4. Possibly take them to the store and let them pick out a new notebook or pencil. Something that will be exciting for them to take to school with them.

5. Make sure your kids know what their priorities are when coming home from school, but the first few days give a little extra breathing room..example being, homework is to be done and packed back in their backpack and ready to go for the next morning. After they are done, then give them privileges like playing with a special game, toy or watching a movie together.

Good luck!! In no time, you’ll be right back in the swing of things!

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