Jan 05

Teaching Kids Responsibility

Responsibility is important in everyone’s lives and you can start teaching responsibility at a very young age to get them ready for when they are older. There are several simple and efficient ways you can teach your children responsibility, take a look at these 9 Tips for Aiding with Teaching Your Children Responsibility.

1. Show your children how you want something done. If you don’t show them, you can’t expect them to get it done the way you want it done. Most children, especially younger ones learn by imitation.

2. Let the kids show someone else how it should be done! This reinforces the task that is to be done.

3.  Be trustworthy and dependable. Children watch and hear almost everything we do. If we are trustworthy, dependable and responsible they will assume that responsibility is a given at all times.

4. Apologize when we make mistakes. By taking responsibility for our actions and not blaming others, we are teaching them that when we make a mistake we own up to it.

5. Give your child a role or responsibility in the family. It’s important to give them a role that really matters in the family and tell them why it matters. Example, Letting the family dog outside to go to the bathroom.

6. Expect them to make mistakes. Their brains are still developing and learning. Give them a break when they make a mistake. We all do!

7. AVOID Nagging, yelling and criticizing! We’ll have much less conflict if you avoid doing this while teaching or correcting something. As hard as this might be at times, don’t do it!

8. Work together as a family! Our children are not here to do the chores that we don’t want to do. We can all take turns doing the “Yucky” chores.

9. Provide friendly reminders to your children. Remind them that everyone has to do things we don’t want to do sometimes, but they need to be done…like raking the leaves.

Talking to our children about what responsibility is, is the first step in teaching children how to be responsible.

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