Jan 14

Listen, Educate, Ask, Discuss

Parent’s LEAD (Listen, Educate, Ask, Discuss) is a program that will aid parents in taking the steps to talk to your children about underage drinking. Sometimes it can be difficult to talk to your children about these subjects and that’s why Parents Lead website was created!! To help you talk to you children about making the right decision about underage drinking, alcohol use, drug use, or riding in a vehicle with someone who has consumed alcohol or drugs.

You might ask, “How do I even start the conversation with my child about this subject?” At Parents Lead we provide tips on how to do so. In addition, the website offers parenting forums for parents of children in each age group, moderated by Dr. Sharon Query, a Youth Development Specialist with the NDSU Center for 4-H Youth Development. Dr. Query will answer questions posed by parents who are looking for direction on communication surrounding underage drinking.


Use the Parents Toll-Free Helpline

  • 1-855-DRUGFREE (1-855-378-4373) through The Partnership at drugfree.org
  • Open Monday through Friday, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm CST and closed on weekends and holidays. The Helpline is not a crisis line. If you do not connect with a parent specialist, please leave a message and they will make every effort to get back to you by the next business day. If you are in need of immediate or emergency services please call 911 or a 24 hour crisis hotline.
Another website with great facts is AlcoholJustice.org. If you have more questions ask us on our Facebook page or contact us at pic@gfschools.org!

Picture courtesy of TalkingAlcohol.com

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