Jan 20

Mary Adkins

Please join us for an evening of education as community member, nurse, and friend, Mary Adkins shares her story of addiction and recovery. Her information and education will provide powerful tools to assist parents in preventing alcohol and drug use.


Mary Adkins grew up in a typical Minnesota family with summers at the lake, family gatherings, good times, and lots of alcohol. It was a normal way of life as far as she knew. And like her parents, Mary enjoyed a good time. For Mary there came a time when it was no longer just a good time, it was a coping mechanism for life. First, it was for feelings of loneliness or frustration. Then it was to relax and forget. As time went on, it wasn’t to cope with life anymore; she was addicted. Her life was driven by her need for alcohol and drugs just to survive.

You aren’t going to want to miss this! Please join the us, THE PARENT INFORMATION CENTER and COMMUNITY on JANUARY 31st from 6:30-8:00 PM at LEWIS and CLARK ELEMENTARY in Grand FORKS, ND.

The is a FREE event!!

Come learn and be enlightened!! You will leave with tips on keeping your families health and well being!

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