Feb 04

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There are as many new abusers of prescription drugs, age 12 to 17, as there are of marijuana?!

Every day 2,500 teenagers use a prescription drug to get high for the first time.

Robert (Bob) Stutman writes, “I am a former Special Agent of 25 years with the U. S. Drug Enforcement Administration. My last six years with the DEA I headed the New York Office, DEA’s largest. In all of my experience I have learned three absolute facts, which many Americans fail to understand. First, law enforcement will never make drugs completely unavailable in the U. S. Second, most adults know almost nothing about the world of kids and drugs (how many of us know what Special K and Roofies are?)  Third, drugs are devastating our communities, homes and workplaces, and we fail to deal with this in a way that will make any substantial change.

After retiring from the DEA, I realized as a leading advocate for substance abuse prevention and education that it was time to direct my passion and expertise and specialize in the design and development of the best education and prevention programs available for our schools, communities and the workplace. When I meet with students, parent groups, or workplace related groups, I try to present in a practical, no-nonsense manner, the issues they each face; as well as, share thoughts on how to cope and potentially resolve this devastating and debilitating problem in the U. S. Please explore further and see the programs we offer, in addition to what other folks like you have said about our approach.

I think it is important to speak open and honestly about the issues of substance abuse whether it be to kids, parents, community leaders or employers in order to tackle head on the “real” world of substance abuse.  Based on my 40 years of experience, I will bring to the forefront the best research and knowledge available, organizing and enhancing the information with clarity and purpose to assure my audience can understand, relate, and utilize the results showing what we’re up against and how we can empower and protect our families, our communities and our workplace.  Each year I speak to thousands of students, school administrators, law enforcement, medical professionals and employers across the country.  My interactive sessions provide valuable information in a factual and passionate manner so that those who hear me will walk away saying “we have to deal with this issue now.”  Together, I believe we can tackle what I consider to be the greatest health issue in our country today.”

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