Mar 17

Thank You Mary Adkins

Mary Adkins shared her amazing journey, a story of addiction, life, and learning. Thirty-five people came out; each for their own reason, on the coldest night of winter to hear Mary’s heart story.  We sat quiet, not wanting to miss a word or acknowledge how we all, in some way, related to struggle, the need for meaning and purpose, and wanting to fit in. She touched the still audience with genuineness and truth, insights and lessons into addiction and struggle born of  heart need; yet filled with stark realities and consequences of choices made. Getting caught, losing her job, the cost of her addiction, lost wages, and treatment alone totaled over $150,000.  Gladly she would pay the price again. The recovery road led to what she always longed for: inner peace, feelings of being alive and real, and joyful living in the moment. The gifts gained: sobriety, clear thinking, love for self, acceptance, and healthy ways to cope with life’s journey, were so very worth that cost.

I don’t think there was a person in the audience that could not identify on some level with the need for significance and the desire to fit in. We are wired for connection and an inner drive to live meaningful lives; the problem comes when the means we use to do that are destructive. Mary highlighted attention to the drinking cultural “norm”  and the false sense of belonging it brings. Many have traveled this journey; Mary allowed us the privilege of learning from hers. She spoke with honesty and candor, and yet with a passion born out of a desire to help others not have to travel the road of destruction and pain to get that which is available through other, healthier means.

Mary said, “The greatest power you have is the power you give away.” She gave away the need to fit in. The need to be right. The need to be understood. The need to be in control. In doing so, she gained connection with her heart and a sense of a higher, sovereign power. Her story left us all with wiser thoughts and powerful learning from her experiences. We did not regret the choice to venture out on the coldest night of the year.

We thank you for sharing your story with us. You have stayed strong through your experiences and with that, you have touched many lives and gave strength to others.

~Judith Konerza, Ph. D.

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