Apr 13

Spring into Activites for Kids!

Hello PIC parents! Spring is here! The birds are chirping, the sun is warm and shining and flowers are starting to bloom. Spring is a great time to try many new activities outside! Here are some fresh new ideas for you and your children to try. Adapt as you’d like : )

1. Paint some flower pots with your child and plant flowers together!

2. Get some foam from the local craft store. Help your child design some spring murals out of the foam. Cut them out and let your child place them on your windows with a little water.

3. Try this fun idea..mix 2 tablespoons of tempura paint or 15 drops of food coloring with a 1/2 cup of bubble solution. Tape a large piece of paper between two trees or to a fence. Let your child blow bubbles onto the paper!

4. Go on a bug hunt or a nature scavenger hunt.

5. Paint rocks with water color.

6. If you’re familiar with the Angry Birds game, try this adaptation with water balloons and side walk chalk. Paint faces with permanent marker on the water balloons. Next, draw the piggies with the sidewalk chalk (there are your targets.) Have you child stand back and blast away trying to hit the targets. Be careful with younger children with the balloon pieces.

7. Investigate your yard with a magnify glass.

8. Grow your own fruit or vegetable garden. If you have very limited space, let your child help you grow one vegetable in a bucket.

9. Splash, jump and play in the mud.

10. Make a bug hotel for the local insects.

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picture, game and some activities courtesy of notimeforflashcards.com



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