May 26

Teach Your Child What to Do When Lost

Before you go any place with your child, teach them what they should do if you ever happened to be split up from each other. Do this in a calm matter so that they aren’t scared. It’s important that each child would know what to do because things like this do happen.

Before going to big events like parades, the circus, fairs think about having them wear a bracelet with their name on it, your name and contact information. Perhaps even tap something on the inside of their shirts and let them know it’s there just incase they would need to show someone if they ever got split up from you.

You also could start teaching your child your phone number and/or address. This way they would be able to tell someone they are lost and can’t find their mom and dad, but know how to contact them.

If you are at a place such as an amusement park. Point out an employee so they are familiar with what they are wearing. Tell them to find someone who is wearing that and let them know they are lost.

If you happen to be on a nature walk or out camping. You could give your child a whistle to wear around their neck to blow if they get lost.

I hope this never happens to any of you, but a plan is always a good thing to have just in case!

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