Jun 03

Weekend Ideas

Weekends are for families : ) Here are some ideas to make the most out of your two day weekends with the kids.

1. Take a hike or go on a bike ride as a family.

2. Join a church and get active in it. There are usually some planned activities throughout the year that are for families and meeting new friends.

3. Declare the weekend a “No Work Time!” Try to at least put away one day for no work, obligations or errands. Spend it doing some fun things with your family!

4. Have a barbeque. Each member choose something they’d like to make or help make and then spend time eating as a family and enjoying eachother’s company.

5. Take a weekend camping trip. Check out Turtle River State Park! A great place for camping, picnics and hiking!

6. Start a grab bag.. every weekend have everyone write down something they’d like to do. Put the ideas on paper and toss them into a bag. Have one of your children draw from the bag and then do the activity as a family.

7. Learn a new skill with your kids. Check into a summer class possibly at the YMCA in Grand Forks.

8. Play family games (bocce, horseshoes, and croquet.)

9. Plant a family garden.

10. Gather around a fire pit, tell stories and make smores!

Weekends can be so busy with school, work, & extra curricular activities. Make time on the weekends to be together as a family! Enjoy eachother!

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Picture courtesy of http://www.kierlandresort.com/#/fun/family-and-all-ages/kierland-campfires-and-smores/



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