Jun 30

Family Fun Food Ideas

Summer is here and children are excited to be playing with their friends and enjoying the freedom of no homework and no one telling them what to do or what not to do. But don’t let that take your child away from table manners or skipping meals. During the summer kids are typically too busy and having fun with friends that they want nothing to do with sit down meals and eating at home. This article will help parents learn how to encourage kids and cook healthy fun meals that kids will enjoy. This website we found has great ideas on healthy snacks, tips for picky eaters, teaching dinner manners and much more.

These recommendations come from Parenting.com, a site that offers parents tips and news on parenting, pregnancy, children movies, crafts for kids, birthday ideas, recipes and much more! Here are a few family fun food ideas PIC highly recommends:

Get Your Child to Sit Through a Meal                                                                                                                 Is your child a Wiggle Worm? Try these tips to get through a meal with everyone still sitting at the table.

End Picky Eating                                                                                                                        These 7 strategies will help raise an adventurous eater, one that will eat at least some of their veggies 🙂

Have Fun Cooking as a Family                                                                                                         Get your children involved with dinner by fixing the meal together.

This website offers more fun ways to cook with your children and make healthy meals together everyday! For more information or healthy family tips visit PIC on Facebook!

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