Jul 22

How Parents Show Sportsmanship Off The Field

Your son’s baseball game is tonight, the night of the week your family looks forward to relaxing and enjoying boys having fun on the field. As your son warms up on the pitcher’s mound you take a seat on the warm bleachers next all the other parents. You fill your mouth with sunflower seeds just as the stadium lights beam on you and the smell of the bug spray looming in the air. What a calm, relaxing night this is going to be, right?

Well by the 3rd inning you’re so tense and your lips are sore from tightening your words as you continue to hear the opponent parents bashing your child’s strike zone. “He’s throwing too close, get him out of there”, “How can he be allowed to pitch like that”, the comments keep going as you try to sit calmly and get through 6 more innings in peace. Things start to get heated on the bleachers and enough is enough, you want to say something to this rude parent. But if you say something will it turn into an argument? Will your son be embarrassed? How are you supposed to handle this situation without causing another situation?

Remember to act how you would want your child to act. Kindly ask the parent to take a walk with you. Inform that parent how you don’t like his words and would appreciate he keep his comments to himself. If the talk doesn’t work, walk away. Inform the coach or umpire of this parent, odds are the ump is fed up with their behavior as well. Whatever you do or don’t do, remember to stay calm. You don’t want your child to see an argument between his mom and another parent, especially at his baseball game.

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