Aug 07

10 “Must Have” Items on Your Back-to-School List

That’s right, school is just around the corner and that means its back to school shopping. The somewhat dreadful news of going back to school can end with a brand new backpack filled with new essentials for school. So print out your list and start your Back-to-School Shopping!

1. No. 2 Pencils (1 Pack to begin school year)

2. (3) Glue Sticks

3. 3-Ring Binder

4. Loose-leaf Notebook Paper

5. (1) Ruler with English and Metric Measurements

6. Pocket Folders

7. Spiral-bound/ Composition Notebook

8. Markers (Washable)

9. White Glue Bottle

10. Box of Kleenex

Phew, now that your list is complete, its time to relax (at least until the 6:00am alarm goes off)! For more information on Back-to-School and parenting tips, check out PIC on Facebook or Twitter!

Please Note: These are most commonly needed items on a Back-to-School list. Please check with your child’s teacher for exact school supplies.

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