Aug 12

Discipline Dos & Don’ts

You’re waiting in line at the grocery store and the 4 year old in front is out of control. He’s knocking every piece of candy off the shelves as he screams, “I WANT TREATS!”. His mother quickly tugs the boy aside and gives him a big spanking to go along with a stern motion to pick up his mess. As a customer (and mother) in line, do you cringe at the mother’s behavior (because you would never lay a finger on your child) or maybe you’re that mom who spanks in public and other parents are cringing at you? Which behavior is right to discipline (spank your child or do nothing)? Take this quiz and find out:


WebMD created this discipline Dos & Don’ts quiz to provide parents who are unfamiliar with discipline and need encouragement or structure when it comes down to disciplining their child. The quiz offers advice, shares tips and creates a score on how you match up to their recommended disciplining methods.

A few questions you will be asked to answer:

Should you scold your child in public?

(True or False) Timeouts should last 1 minute for every year of age?

Think about your response and take this quiz to find out what WebMD recommends on Discipline Dos & Don’ts. Please comment and share your thoughts on the questions, answers and if you believe in your results!

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Please note: This is a quiz from WebMD and all tips, information and recommended discipline is solely from WebMD and in no way from Parent Information Center.

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