Aug 18

Back in the swing of things

The transition for kids from summer to school can be difficult, especially if they’ve had an active summer. Sitting in a classroom all day can be hard on a child who has been “go-go-go” all summer. Help your child (and their teacher) transition into this new environment with these 3 Phases on a “mock” Back to School day.


Phase I:

If you haven’t already, start a routine. Set your alarm for the time your child will expect to wake up during the school year. Once they are awake, get them ready and start the morning like its a normal school day. After breakfast and brushing their teeth, you’re on to Phase II.

Phase II:

Your child is ready and its time to “go to school”. Take them to the bookstore or set up a school-like atmosphere in your house. Prepare materials and books on subjects your child will be doing this school year. Set a time small limit to each subject with questions to ask after. Keep each subject to a minimal, as this is a preparation and you don’t want your child too overwhelmed on his “first” day of school.

Phase III:

The school day is over and its time to prepare for the next day. Have supper at the normal time you would during the school year. Make sure your child has done their “homework”. Take their baths and brush their teeth early because you need to get used to  the school bed time 🙂

These phases will help transition your child into the upcoming school year. Help them along the way and encourage them when they’re feeling tired or overwhelmed. This is only a “mock” school day and should be to their (and your) benefit.

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