Aug 28

Helping Your Child Control Anger

As parents we have all been overwhelmed by parenting and wonder what do I do now? Join Facilitator Sue Shirek as she shares helpful techniques and ideas to help your child learn to manage angry feelings. Anger and difficulties occur in all children’s lives.

As a parent, you can learn ways to be more effective, model appropriate responses and most importantly, learn from other parents just like you! Anger is a natural response to embarrassment, hurt feelings, being left out of a group, and other things that can happen with our relationships. Wise parents learn to teach their children how to respond appropriately to feelings and to master them in a manner that does not alienate others.

These sessions begin October 24th and will meet every Thursday for 4 weeks from 6:30pm – 8:00pm at Winship Elementary School.

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Picture courtesy of www.nhs.uk

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