Sep 10

Being a Supportive Parent with Your Child’s Homework

Children can get overwhelmed with homework and all the responsibilities that go along with their school so it’s important to be supportive and helpful when it comes to your child’s school work. Remember, you are guiding them to the answer, not actually completing the assignment or solving their math problems.

The key is to focus on helping kids develop problem-solving skills they need to push them through their assisngments. Offering encouraging words will enrich their development and build confidence to learn on their own.

Other helpful tips to make homework easier for kids include:

Establish a Routine: Every day after school your child should get into a routine that prioritizes what they need to get done from what they want to get done. Setting their schedule right after school:

3:30pm-5:00pm sports or activities

5:00pm-6:00pm family dinner time

6:00pm-8:00pm homework and reading time

If there is still time they can go on the internet or watch some television to relax themselves into the evening.

Instill Organizational Skills: Help your child become organized by creating a very structured home office or work space for them to do their homework. Have them help you label folders, cabinets and stackable storage for everyday and future projects. When your child comes home from school have them set their homework in appropriate containers and folders to help stay organized.

*Keep a binder of blank paper, a container of crayons/markers/etc., and label everything for everyday easy access.

Teach them about the Real World: When your child learns something in school, apply that to real life situations. Take for instance when your child learns about pay checks. When they see the pay check described in school and use fake money they might not comprehend the real importance of savings and needs vs wants when making a purchase. Create your own pay checks and use real money or fake pay checks to use at home. Have your child make purchases to you on toys/clothes they want and schedule chores to save money for that next purchase. This will help them comprehend and better understand real life situations, especially with money.

We hope these tips will help your Grade-Schooler get through those long school weeks of endless homework. With your encouragement and organized tactics, your child will have more confidence in completing their homework and understanding their school work in real life situations.

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Information from www.KidsHealth.org & picture courtesy of www.NSPT4KIDS.com

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