Oct 11

Thank You Volunteers of Helping Hands in Grand Forks

Over 5,400 volunteered hours were spent by students of the Helping Hands Program during the summer of 2013. We thank the middle and high school students of the Grand Forks Public Schools Helping Hands Youth Volunteer Program. Reaching over 5,400 hours of community service over the summer, which included 130 students, 38 students who helped with more than 60 hours of community service!


The Helping Hands Program lasts a total of eight weeks each summer. Kicking off with students attending instructional sessions to focus on character traits, attitudes/behaviors, volunteer opportunities, interest surveys and discovering authentic community needs. Then students are assigned to volunteer at a local agency, including thrift stores, non-profit daycares, nursing home facilities, schools, homeless shelters and parks.

“The Helping Hands program provides an excellent opportunity for students to practice empathy for their fellow community members by volunteering their time and talents through service, the interactions and experiences gained through the Helping Hands program build character and confidence in our student volunteers that will benefit them in their future endeavors.” – Sarah Shimek, Character Education and Prevention Coordinator for Grand Forks Public Schools 

We thank you, Helping Hands, for helping our community these past 12 years with over 64,000 hours of community service to the Greater Grand Forks area.

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