Oct 24

3 Ways to Cut Costs on Halloween Costumes

Dressing up in your favorite character, actor or singer can be a lot of fun for kids (adults too), but it can also be a lot of money. Try using the following 3 ways to cut costs on Halloween costumes and make this year’s party fun and affordable!

1. Use Your Surroundings. Most of the time you can create a costume using what’s in your house. If you want to be a mummy, you already have toilet paper. Just break out those white tights/long socks/leggins and white sweatshirt and wrap yourself in toilet paper. Click HERE to find more affordable costume ideas from around your house!

2. Consignment/Thrift Store. There’s always a section of “Halloween” costumes at these types of stores, but you can even get creative by shopping around the aisles as well. Find that old cowboy hat with an oversized belt and caps (or sew on fabric to old jeans), customize an old pair of boots with gems or fabric and you have yourself a cute cowboy/cowgirl outfit.

3. Something Borrowed. Your daughter’s best friend wore a super cute princess outfit last year and its just sitting in her closet collecting dust. Why not ask to borrow or swap outfits with friends?! You can even customize the outfit (if you end up buying it) and adding your own jewelry, shoes, hair styles, etc.

These are a few ideas to help make this year fun and affordable for everyone! Remember to stay by your children at all times when you’re out trick-or-treating. It’s also a good idea to know where their candy is coming from and look over each piece when they get home!


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