Oct 24

STAR Technique from Conscious Discipline

The Parent Information Center Conscious Discipline Conference last month offered several learning and insights as Amy Speidel shared humor, warmth and care to the Greater Grand Forks.  Our presenter, Dr. Kara Wettersten, UND College of Education and Human Development, provided  her professional venue and fabulous service as well. Thank you for those who took the time to come out and enjoy this wonderful conference.

One key parenting strategy we learned at the Center Conscious Discipline Conference was the STAR technique. Parents were reminded that in order to help children keep calm, they must remain calm as well. The STAR technique highlights those behaviors…


SMILE – change the facial muscles from tense to a more relaxed state.

TAKE a Deep Breath bringing oxygen to the brain to help the body relax


RELAX – when the body is in a calm relaxed state, then parents and teachers can mirror their state of being as they coach children through the process of anger and upset to a calm, decision making state. We will be sharing monthly tips from Conscious Discipline and look forward to sharing the program through classes in the coming year.

Try to remember the STAR technique every day as we got through our daily struggles in life.

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