Oct 28

5 Trick or Treat Safety Tips Parents For Parents to Remember

Parents might be thinking, “Of course I know Trick or Treating safety tips, why should I read something I already know?” Well, we might all know some safety tips, but its always a good reminder to keep in the back of your mind other safety tips or repeated tips as well. Trick or Treating is a fun and exciting time for kids of all ages to go out, dress up and play friendly pranks on each other while eating (a little) sugar along the way. So please keep in mind your child’s best interest and safety during this “scary” night out.

1. Dress your child in bright and reflective costumes. Get their shoes to light up or have them wear glow sticks, as long as they’re lit up.

2. Their costumes don’t have to be skin tight, but try to keep them from being long and baggy. Kids like to run when they “trick” and the last thing you want is your child coming home in real blood from tripping.

3. ALWAYS purchase Flame Resistant products (i.e. hair wigs, long coats, etc.).

4. No Sharp Objects! If your child wants to be a Renaissance Man, use tin foil or plastic objects to create that real-like sword.

5. Pack an “emergency pack” with your child. Or if they’re going in groups, coordinate with each mom 1-2 items each child is bringing (i.e. bandaids/first aid, batteries, water, hand warmers, cell phone, etc.).

Remember this is supposed to be a fun day for kids, they look forward to this day like it’s Christmas. So please do your best to keep your child safe and out of harms way. Quick Fact: Children falling is the number one reason kids end up in the emergency room on Halloween. –My Fox Atlanta

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Halloween Safety tips courtesy of AAP.


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