Nov 05

How Parents Can Control Their Anger

As children grow up they want to be just like their parent/guardian, acting and talking just like their “hero’s”. They remember these repeated actions through and conversations and even though a child might not understand your words, they do understand your tone of voice and how to react to your actions. Kids might have a way of getting under your skin, but that’s no reason to yell, scream, punish or putdown a child. Keep in mind how to react the next time your child doesn’t pick up every toy on the floor or if he forgets to push in his chair after supper, because they will remember your reactions and temper.

According to KidsHealth, anger is a good thing, when handled properly. You can show your child you are angry with their decision or behavior, but handle the situation the right way. Keep calm when explaining why you’re upset and what the child did to make you angry.

Keep in mind, kids will imitate what you say or how you act. So the next time you point your finger at your daughter or scream at your son for not picking his toys, ask yourself this, “would I want my child acting this way to me?” If you answered no, then think of how you can handle the situation better next time. Try to remind yourself of the outcome before your actions take place.

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