Dec 09

Communicate with Autistic Kids Using Nonverbal Interactions

Parents and carers of children with an ASD often feel unable to communicate and interact with their child and are unsure of how to do so. This guide gives useful information on achieving this particular behavior…

Parenting a child with ASD (autistic spectrum disorder) can be a challenge when it comes to communication, which occurs when one person sends another person a message, verbally or non-verbally. The interaction between two people is through a response to one another or by two-way communication style.

Most children with an ASD (autistic spectrum disorder) will have difficulty interacting with others. This is because in order to be successful at interaction the child needs to respond to others when they are approached by them or be able to initiate interactions. Although many children with an ASD are able to do this when they want something, they tend not to use interaction to show people things or to be sociable.

It is important to remember that communication and interaction do not have to involve the use of language and speech. Many children with an ASD are delayed in their use of language and shy away from using speech.   Therefore, other methods of communication need to be established before speech and language will follow.

Original article courtesy of www.autism.org

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