Jan 08

Weathering Words to Know During a Cold Storm

Teaching your children words about the weather and common medical conditions caused by freezing temperatures can actually help prevent sickness and injury. As these words become more common to your child, they will begin to understand and know what to do when they encounter or feel any of the following terms:


A medical condition when skin or body tissue is damaged from freezing. It’s most common in parts of the body farthest from your heart that are exposed, such as fingers, toes, ears and nose.


A sickness when your body temperature drops below what is needed to be healthy and work properly. It is the opposite of heat stroke.

Freezing Rain

Rain that freezes when it hits the ground, creating a layer of ice on roads, walkways, trees, and power lines


Rain that turns to ice before reaching the ground

Repeat these words to your children by including them in your daily conversations. By familiarizing these terms children will have a better understanding, which can prevent them from serious injury or illness.

For more information on weathering terms and how to prevent injury or illness visit www.ready.gov or follow PIC on Twitter and Facebook.


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