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  3. The Test of Three — March 5, 2015
  4. Win-Win Sister Relationship — February 26, 2015
  5. Win-Win Relationships and Problem Solving — February 20, 2015

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Mar 19

Parenting and Leadership


A couple of weeks ago the Parent Information Center blog provided food for thought when addressing an issue with someone you are in relationship with. This week I want to take a look at addressing issues in a little different light – as a parent or leader. Parents and leaders are called to guide and …

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Mar 13

Wise Words During Upset & Conflict

This week I am sharing wise words from Dr. Becky Bailey, founder of Conscious Discipline. Expressing our feelings is a life long journey in acquiring a skill set that allows us to process and understand, in an appropriate manner, what is happening inside during moments of upset and conflict. This week it hit home as …

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Mar 05

The Test of Three

Last week, my sister Colleen replied to the blog sharing how our win-win sister relationship came about. I loved hearing from her viewpoint the manner in which we reconnected as adults. This week’s blog reflects thoughts of things I learned when it comes to sharing my insights or thoughts with another person. Have you ever …

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Feb 26

Win-Win Sister Relationship

Dear Readers, This week I am changing my style just a bit; my best expressions of what I want to say come when writing my youngest sister, Colleen. So, thinking with my writing here, I am going to share as if I were writing to her. I wrote last week’s piece and it was lacking, …

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Feb 20

Win-Win Relationships and Problem Solving

Author Steven Covey talks about the habit of mutual benefit in his book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People*. The primary principle of win-win is thinking mutual benefit. Thinking win-win is a mindset that sets its goal as a willingness to work together towards a solution that works to meet the needs of each. …

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Feb 13

Healthy Communication When Addressing Issues

Most of us do not intentionally find ourselves in the midst of conflict and argument. In fact, it is the opposite, most of us ask, “What happened?” I thought things were going well or I was just going to address this one little thing and it blew up into something way bigger. Healthy communication takes …

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Feb 06

Unhealthy Responses to Anger

Two unhealthy responses to anger are Attack or Retreat. These common responses to our upset make the situation about me, and what I am feeling. These unhealthy reactions do little to bring about problem solving and resolution. Both reactions create an unhealthy response and are ineffective in dealing with our life issues. Let’s take a …

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Feb 03

Anger; A Secondary Emotion

Last week I identified a component of anger; it is a secondary emotion. This week I want to provide a starting point to help recognize what is happening when we are angry. To begin to solve our anger the first and most effective thing we can do is breathe, just breathe. Intense anger causes our …

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Jan 19

Thoughts regarding Anger

Anger is a secondary emotion – underneath lies the primary emotion:  frustration, regret, disappointment, embarrassment, feelings of rejection, sadness, being misunderstood, among other emotions. The anger is a result of something we have seen or experienced and is often the first expression of what lies underneath. It is not the true feeling. I have learned …

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Jul 21

10 Ways to Make Learning Fun this Summer

Summer vacation is still going strong and so should your child’s education. Sure it’s nice to have time off from school, but that doesn’t mean your child should be taking time off from learning this summer. Spending time outdoors on the playground, watching TV and going on family vacations are great, but try to incorporate …

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