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  1. Spring in North Dakota is Something to Behold — May 29, 2015
  2. Practicing Internal Balance — May 21, 2015
  3. Stillness — May 18, 2015
  4. Chronic Behaviors — May 6, 2015
  5. Power — April 30, 2015

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May 29

Spring in North Dakota is Something to Behold


Spring in North Dakota is something to behold. This year we experienced the warmest April I can recall, only to find May back to reality temperatures. I have learned over the years to take advantage of whatever weather I get and just go with it. I was raking and cleaning my yard at the first …

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May 21

Practicing Internal Balance


Internal balance comes from honoring ourselves by listening to our internal response system with a willingness to address internal upset and unrest. Life situations can throw curve balls in an instant. One moment we are moving through the day with predictability and pattern; the next moment can change the course of our day in the …

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May 18



Sometimes in the midst of life I long for stillness, a moment to rest and get off the main street of life. I appreciate that longing; it is really a beacon call to restore myself, to reflect on my path and realign myself, my heart, to where I really want to be. Busyness leads us …

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May 06

Chronic Behaviors


What responses to your child’s behaviors have caused upset in your household? When children misbehave there are reasons for misbehavior. Parents and teachers often overlook the reason for misbehaviors and treat the action. All behavior is purposeful – a call for love or a need for information. Consider this common scenario – Your child asks …

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Apr 30



If I am upset about others – their manners, their driving, or their stand on something that is me giving my power away to other people or situations. I get to decide whether to react or respond. It is so true that there is a grieving at times of situations and how they affect me. …

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Apr 24



Happiness is not dependent on external events; our happiness is determined by our choices in each situation. Granted it is easier in some cases than others, but I get to decide my internal state. It is our nature to blame external circumstances and things we have no control over. The truth is we are in …

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Apr 15



There are times life spins so fast I can’t seem to get a grip on anything and can quickly lose touch with a calm and rational perspective. It can feel like I am on an emotional roller coaster; one I do not recall boarding! It happens to all of us; our best laid plans get …

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Apr 08

Being the Right Person, Doing the Right Thing

There are times I find myself wondering, “How do I handle this situation?” It takes great courage and humility to admit a wrong doing, to ask forgiveness for an offense, or to revisit a decision that was made in haste. One very important thing to consider is not the moment, but long term impact in …

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Apr 01



Is honesty, saying exactly what is on my mind, always the best policy? All of us have experienced an outburst from someone who is reacting and has not stopped to think – that does not feel good! When do I say what I think and when is it good to hold back? It is important …

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Mar 19

Parenting and Leadership


A couple of weeks ago the Parent Information Center blog provided food for thought when addressing an issue with someone you are in relationship with. This week I want to take a look at addressing issues in a little different light – as a parent or leader. Parents and leaders are called to guide and …

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